End of Facebook?

Instagram and other social media networks are said to be regaining popularity with teenagers and winning the social media battle against Facebook. Although Facebook remains by far the biggest player in social media platforms, it is believed that many teenagers are starting to turn their back on Facebook and instead moving to alternatives such as Instagram, Pinterest and SnapChat. Facebook image

Original research claims that teenagers are finding Facebook more complicated than ever and in many ways too much hard work. They find that information shared on Facebook is not secret enough; this is especially due to popularity of Facebook with the other generations and family members, who limit the youngsters to fully express themselves with friends. Instagram is said to be one of the most popular alternatives for youngsters as many parents and family members solely see Instagram as a picture-exchange service and thus will not have as much influence on kids using the service.

Finally, at www.followtechnology.co.uk  we believe that you should also consider the live span of any social media network in today’s society. MySpace, for example, was the “in-thing” before Facebook, but soon declined in popularity after the release of the newest social network and although Instagram is not new, it could potentially overtake the giant of social media networks if enough youngsters around the world start to support and use their services. It therefore begs to ask the question “How much longer can Facebook go on?”

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