Predict Weather With Your Android Phone

PressureNet is an Android App which allows you to measure air pressure and share this information with scientists around the world in order to predict the weather more accurately. This new app is seen as a revolutionary tool that could aid science by collecting a wide array of data that can be used and examined by scientists.


PressureNet has enabled Android phone users who have a built-in barometer in their Smartphone, to help predict the weather more accurately. The App allows scientists to use data, which would otherwise have been very expensive and time-consuming to obtain, to be available at the touch of a button.

The PressureNet app could truly revolutionize science, if enough people use the app and therefore portray enough data to scientists. The data could in turn be used to predict extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes, snow storms, draughts and other weather types thus allowing better reactions from the communities affected.

Visit PressureNET on Google Play

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