End of Facebook?

Instagram and other social media networks are said to be regaining popularity with teenagers and winning the social media battle against Facebook. Although Facebook remains by far the biggest player in social media platforms, it is believed that many teenagers are starting to turn their back on Facebook and instead moving to alternatives such as Instagram, Pinterest and SnapChat. Facebook image

Original research claims that teenagers are finding Facebook more complicated than ever and in many ways too much hard work. They find that information shared on Facebook is not secret enough; this is especially due to popularity of Facebook with the other generations and family members, who limit the youngsters to fully express themselves with friends. Instagram is said to be one of the most popular alternatives for youngsters as many parents and family members solely see Instagram as a picture-exchange service and thus will not have as much influence on kids using the service.

Finally, at www.followtechnology.co.uk  we believe that you should also consider the live span of any social media network in today’s society. MySpace, for example, was the “in-thing” before Facebook, but soon declined in popularity after the release of the newest social network and although Instagram is not new, it could potentially overtake the giant of social media networks if enough youngsters around the world start to support and use their services. It therefore begs to ask the question “How much longer can Facebook go on?”

Facebook Stress

Are you suffering with Facebook  Stress? Facebook Stress

Facebookstress has become a new phenomenon in recent years due to the increased time many people spend on social media networks, such as Facebook, which could bring with it some unwanted, but certainly not uncommon stresses.

How to identify and deal with Facebookstress?
If you often find yourself spending hours on Facebook to share and view tens of thousands of pictures, you could open yourself up to Facebookstress.

Pictures on Facebook can cause stress due to the enormous amount of pictures available, which can cause frustration by having to click and look through them, without being really interested in most of the pictures. Pictures can also cause jealousy and bullying behaviour which could result in depression.

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Skype’s Video Messaging

Skype has recently introduced a new function where users can send each other video messages easily and quickly by the use of their computer or Smartphone. The new feature is currently still in its BETA stage and is not yet compatible with the Windows Phone or Windows 8.

The new Skype feature is a logical next step for the VoIP software company, which enables millions of people to stay in contact with family, friends, and business contacts around the world at the touch of a button. The new video messaging function allows the user to make video messages by the use of their webcam for up to three minutes and send this message to other users, whether these are online or offline. The new feature currently works on Mac, Android and iOS devices.

Skype is currently fine tuning the application, so it would be able to record messages with both the front as back camera of your Smartphone. Although the official launch date is not yet set in stone, some believe the full feature should be rolled out by April 2013 and most believe that by this time the feature should also be fully compatible with Windows 8 and the Windows phone.

The Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake moves and movie clips are starting to become more and more popular, it should therefore not come as a surprise that many apps have recently come on the market to record and publish your version of the Harlem Shake easily and quickly.

What is the Harlem Shake? Baauer Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake song is a song recoded by an American DJ and producer, called Baauer. The song was originally released for free in May 2012 but only become really popular in February 2013 when the song went viral. YouTube have since revealed that around 4000 videos relating to the Harlem Shake are being uploaded every day, making it a viral hit that could content with the likes of “Gangnam Style”.

What defines a successful Harlem Shake?

A successful Harlem Shake has a simply format that is performed to the song of DJ Baauer Each video is supposed to last around 30 seconds. The first half of the movie should exist out of one single, often masked, person dancing in front of an uninterested crowd. Once the base drops, the video should quickly cut out and fill the screen with people dancing energetically to the base of the music.

Although 30 seconds might not sound like a long time, and it certainly isn’t if you are having fun, it is advised to stick to this format as it is the short and easy to replicate format which is allowing it to be a viral success.

Harlem Shake Apps Harlem Shake App

The Harlem Shake app by Hitcents.com allows you to record you Harlem Shake movie in two takes with an automatic countdown timer and instant music overlay. The Harlem Shake App is easy to use and makes it child’s play to join in and be part of a viral hit.

Other apps such as Harlem Shake it, Harlem Shake Video Maker Pro, HerlmShakr and the Harlem Shaker Maker are also available for download, which all allow you to create your Harlem Shake clip easily and quickly.

Hushed Android App

Hushed is an Android App which allows you to generate a temporary phone number so you can keep in contact wherever you are. Although a disposable, temporary phone number might at first sound like an app designed for the likes of James Bond and criminals, the Hushed app can prove very useful in a whole array of (legal) situations.

Hushed Android App Logo

The Hushed App is the ideal solution for people who travel frequently abroad and therefore would like to obtain a temporary, local phone number that could avoid some expensive mobile bills. Some people who have a whole array of contacts, might also prefer to not hand out their personal number to everyone, but instead provide certain business contacts with a temporary phone number, thus keeping work and private phone numbers separate. The Hushed app is also ideal for people who sell online as providing your personal mobile on an auction site can get you a lot of spam phone calls months after the product has already been sold.

The Hush app can be installed easily on an Android Smartphone and will avoid you to having to go to a mobile phone provider to pick up an extra sim-card. The temporary phone number generated by the Hush app will remain active for one month, until destroyed prior to this by yourself, and can be currently used in 40 different countries. The Hushed tariffs are currently dependent on the country and phone number you require.

The Hushed app is currently only available for Android devices, but an iPhone app is said to be in the making. The Hushed app seems to have also opened up a whole new market with companies such as CleverPhone aimed especially at businesses, being close on Hushed toes.

Find Back Old Tweets

How to find back old tweets

Twitter has recently updated its search function, so you can now find back tweets older than a week. Many frequent tweeters had often expressed their frustration with the old search function which only allowed users to search tweets up to one week old. Twitter seems to have listened and responded to these frustrations by updating the function. Twitter image

The update will gently be rolled out over the coming days on both mobile apps as twitter.com, and will steadily increase the percentage of search results in time. Twitter will in the first instance consider the type of tweets, favourites, re-tweets and clicks in order to decide which tweets will be able to be found in the future.

Predict Weather With Your Android Phone

PressureNet is an Android App which allows you to measure air pressure and share this information with scientists around the world in order to predict the weather more accurately. This new app is seen as a revolutionary tool that could aid science by collecting a wide array of data that can be used and examined by scientists.


PressureNet has enabled Android phone users who have a built-in barometer in their Smartphone, to help predict the weather more accurately. The App allows scientists to use data, which would otherwise have been very expensive and time-consuming to obtain, to be available at the touch of a button.

The PressureNet app could truly revolutionize science, if enough people use the app and therefore portray enough data to scientists. The data could in turn be used to predict extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes, snow storms, draughts and other weather types thus allowing better reactions from the communities affected.

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